Why a healthy mouth teeth are essential to good nutrition

To remain healthy, you have to eat more raw foods. However, with mouth or teeth issues you will have limited food choices. According to raw foodists, cooking destroys some enzymes that are important to our overall health. Moreover, cooking also destroys some important vitamins and minerals. Therefore, the more raw foods you include in your diet, the healthier you will be. Since there is some magic in raw foods, you should at least consume a mix of uncooked and cooked foods. The following are a few benefits of raw foods: – Higher fiber content Fiber rich foods such as fruits, vegetables, beans and seeds have several benefits including cardiovascular health, weight control, phytochemicals, disease fighting and digestive health. – Vitamins and minerals Heat easily destroys some vitamins in foods. These vitamins include vitamin C and folate. According to research, cooking of some foods such a broccoli destroys their disease fighting properties. – Cooling and hydrating As a matter of fact, raw foods contain higher water content. This water helps in cooling down our bodies and keeping us hydrated. To remain hydrated throughout the day, consider adding some raw cucumbers, watermelons, and leafy greens in your meals. The fruits and vegetables will also help you remain energized in the hot months. However, with mouth and teeth problems you won’t be able to eat some raw foods. As a result, you will end up eating overcooked foods. Some of the dental problems that can prevent you from eating raw foods include tooth decay, gum disease, mouth sores, tooth erosion, tooth sensitivity and toothaches, fractured and missing teeth. To help you prevent the problems, some dentists are now reaching out to networks and patients with an aim of educating them on risks of not fixing their teeth. Dentists from outside the US are reaching out particularly to senior citizens who may be postponing getting dental implants due to the higher cost in the United States. A quick example: in Costa Rica which hosts lots of US patients in their medical and dental tourism, Dental Land Clinic in San Jose, Costa Rica, is offering dental implant services to American seniors, mostly saving them 50-60% of the cost of US implants. The quality is great and the customer reviews are higher. Dental problems are never fun. However, the best news is that you can easily prevent them. Flossing daily, brushing at least two times in a day, regular dental check ups and eating proper diets are some important steps in preventing dental problems.

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