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Clothing Size Conversion Necessary When Shopping Online in the US

No matter what country you’re from, chances are that the sizing conventions in your country are different than those found in USA clothing stores or shoe stores. Whether you’re looking for overseas shipping on a trendy new swimsuit or plus-size clothing from the US, you want make sure you order the right size.

One drawback to buying from USA stores and shipping internationally is that you can’t try things on before purchasing them. So what’s the best way to make sure you order the right size? Read below for tips!

Clothing Sizes in the US, Europe, and Asia

A lot of clothing comes in general sizes like Small (S) Medium (M) or Large (L). These sizes are commonly found on simple clothes like t-shirts and loose-fitting clothes. Other types of clothing, like socks, gloves or stockings, also follow these conventions. General sizes are usually similar between the US and Europe, but Asian shoppers might find that their “L” size is equal to a US “M.”

Since you can’t try things on when you shop at US stores and ship overseas, a great way to know if an “M” is really an “M” is to check the customer reviews on the store’s website. Many times customers will leave comments about an item’s fit, such as “it’s labeled ‘S’ but fits closer to an ‘M’,” or “I suggest ordering one size up!”

Men’s Clothing Size Conversion

It’s easy to know men’s shirt and pants sizes in the US, because they usually relate to the clothing’s actual dimensions measured in inches. If your country typically measures in centimeters, all you have to do is convert from inches to centimeters.

Boutique Piece One Swimsuit Crew J The numbers on men’s shirt measure the distance around the neck, and the length of the sleeves. Pants sizes also use two numbers: the first is the distance around the waist, the second is the length of the inseam. Suit jackets and coats are measured around the chest, under the arms.

You can use this men’s clothing size conversion tool to make sure you’re ordering the right sizes when shopping online at USA clothing stores.

Women’s Clothing Size Conversion

Not surprisingly, women’s clothing is a bit more complicated than men’s!

Women’s dress sizes are measured according to height and figure type. If you’re between 5’2″ and 5’5″ and have a slender figure, you’re technically a “junior” size (no matter what age you are!). Women between 5’5″ and 5’7″ tall are a “misses” size, and “women’s” sizes are for women 5’5″ and 5’8″ with fuller and rounder figures.

Like with men’s clothing, it’s helpful to look at customer reviews before Boutique Piece One J Swimsuit Crew buying dresses from USA online stores. Many times, customers will leave comments about the sizing and labeling of dreses that can help you determine the right fit. Here’s a tip: the more expensive the dress is, the higher the chance that the manufacturer has labeled it a size down!

You can use this women’s clothing size conversion tool to make sure you order the right size when shopping at US stores online.

Shoe Size Conversion

Shoes are a whole other issue. US shoe sizes vary by 1/3 of an inch per size. In Europe, shoe sizes are measured in centimeters, and differ by 2/3 per size. This makes it tricky when comparing US and European shoe sizes, since you can never get an exact match.

What’s more, you might be used to shoe sizes being the same for men and women in Europe or Asia. At US shoe stores, women’s shoes are about 1 to 1-1/2 sizes greater than the same length men’s shoe.

Children’s and baby shoes are even more complicated! Again, it’s best to check the customer comments on the store website to know for sure how something fits.

Clothing Size Conversion Charts

If you’re not sure of the differences between US sizes and the sizes in your country, use these clothing size conversion charts to help you find your size:

Tips for Ordering the Right Size?

What are your tips for ordering the right size clothing & shoes from USA stores online? What brands do you find to be the most consistent? Do you usually rely on labels, or do you ask the store or advice? Share your tips in the comments section!



42 thoughts on “Tips For Clothing Size & Shoes Size Conversion at US Stores

  1. i need to know how i can convert dress size from US to Oman … as i am from oman … dress size for baby girle from 0-10 years … and women size also

    • I’m afraid I can’t confirm which measurement convention would be in place in Oman, but we can do our best to help determine the difference between the US and European measurements for any items you’d like to purchase. It’s likely one of these standards would be applicable, but many children’s sizes are standardized. As for women’s items, we can advise that you’d need to determine where you’d be buying the item, and apply the appropriate measurement.

  2. You didn’t mention petites in women’s US sizes. For women 5’3″ and under, usually with compact, but more developed bodies.

  3. amp; Swimsuit zink kopper Piece Boutique Two 5xq7fnX

It can of course vary from brand to brand, but usually it’s a two step size down. XL in US would likely be XXXL Asian. We’d recommend confirming actual measurements before purchase, if possible.

  • I’m buying a sweater for a friend, and since the company is overseas and I’m ordering online I can’t exactly measure him with it
    What would a Large in the US be in Asia?

  • What country do you mean for the size 16 and 41, please.

  • How can you tell if an online site is from over seas? When I look at the shipping info it just says ships to “most places.” I am unsure how to order the clothing. I don’t know how to order close to my size. I have read the reviews and most of them do say order a size up, so of course I will. More often than not though there’s no real description regarding the sizes other than S-5xl. The clothing is not very expensive at all (maybe that should be my first hint). I appreciate any advice you can offer. Thank you for your time.

  • Buying pants form a web site the pants are made in Asia the sizes range from s to 5x I wear a 36 30 in us size what would I need to order to get the correct size

  • You’ll definitely want an XL or XXL if your usual size is a US L.

  • If I’m an size small in US men bottoms. What size am I in Asian bottoms. Larger? I’m normally size 30W 31/32L

  • Help…i want to buy my brother this sweater he really wants but itz made in the UK if hes a large in the US what would be his size should I get?

  • Hi. Im USA i normally wear a size medium. 5’7 145lbs. I am ordering a tankini set from china. Which should i order? Medium, large, or XL?

  • Hello i wear a 20 wide here in the us what size would i wear if i was over cease

  • Hello if I youse side L in Denmark EU what size would You think i’ll hat to order ??

  • Dress im a size 12 UK large in south africa
    Pants or jeans size 10 medium

    Tops or shirt 10-12 medium and large

    So please can u tell me what asian sizes should i get for the above

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  • hey im in pakistan and my shoe size here is 9 or 38 can you please tell me which us size should i order?

  • I have a question I’m trying to purchase a bodysuit pants shaper but the problem is that it’s only for Asian women and they are 2 sizes smaller than American women? So, if I’m at 41 inches,194 lbs and only 5’1 tall should I purchase the Asian XXXL or Asian XXL? We all know the size I the US so please someone help me out.

  • Hi,

    My question is for shoes. I wear a size 9 in US for just about any shoe. I know a size 9in Asia is 40 but would it be safe to go with a 41 instead? i ordered a size 40 once but when I got them they were small, like a size 8 for me. Any help?

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  • Can anyone advise on the newchic website of US. I’m usually a size M in India.
    I’m planning to buy dresses from newchic but all the reviews suggest that their sizes are very wierd…. I’m just worried if it will fit me from my bust… which is a size 38. The conversion chart on the site suggests a US size 10 according to my measurements but i’m worried if it will be small for me or not?

  • Nice Tips, thanks for sharing

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